Sorting Out Your Decisions Before You Make Them

If you take the time, and it will take a surprisingly large amount of time, to analyze the decisions you make in a 24-hour day then you will discover the wide variety of decisions you make.

Some Thoughts About Problems, Mistakes & Attitudes

Creating Solutions

Be bold. Be confident – your thinking is creating top-quality solutions. Share your solutions and be open to feedback that helps you improve on your solutions and uncover opportunities. Share your solutions with business peers…exchange ideas, exchange improvements, and exchange opportunities.

Book Review: 8 Things We Hate About IT

IT and Business Aligned

I strongly recommend that all business leaders read 8 Things We Hate About IT. Whether you are trying to disrupt your industry through innovation or trying to keep day-to-operations running smoothly, understanding how to work with your IT partners is vital to your success.

When You Open Your Mind to Discovery …

Open Your Mind to Discovery

In business, many great solutions happen when people first have an intense desire to discover problems then have intense desire to solve those problems … with persistence.

I wonder if AI will be able to fake laughter …

“Canned laughter”, the stuff you hear on TV sitcoms, really annoys me. Yet, psychological studies have [apparently] proven that people find sitcoms more humorous and laugh more when canned laughter is played. I suppose I must accept the immense commercial value canned laughter brings to our TV sitcom culture. The value tied to canned laughter raises […]