When You Open Your Mind to Discovery …

Open Your Mind to Discovery

In business, many great solutions happen when people first have an intense desire to discover problems then have intense desire to solve those problems … with persistence.

Bringing Big Ideas to Reality

Bring your Big Ideas to Life

The solution is software, in particular custom software that can operationalize your big idea and harness data to generate new insights.

Making new errors proves you are innovative

… and learning from your errors proves you are open-minded and change-tolerant. Change is a good thing … even if you disagree with that, you must agree there is a lot of it out there so we better get accustomed to it, so that we can find innovative solutions. Software is at the heart of […]

A Vision of a Better Future

We have all found ourselves inspired by leaders’ visions of ‘a better future’. Even if we did not act and join the cause, we were inspired by the fact the cause existed. Such is the essence of leadership. The leaders who inspire us the most are clear about their interests and the purpose that drives […]