How to Cyber-Protect Your Business

Build a cyber-secure business

At Waterloo Cyber, we are focused on creating simple habits that do not cost much money and increase your organization’s cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has a chance to excel when it is embraced by business leaders, who lead by example. They lead with good habits, including planned communication of cybersecurity messages that will be shared throughout their organization.

Can your Smartphone be used to guess your mood?

Smartphone data can be used to infer private details about the user

User protection for accelerometer data is lacking, largely due to the lack of understanding of the issue. In current mobile operating systems, third-party applications can access accelerometer data without requiring any permission or conscious participation from the user.

Improving Cybersecurity at Not-For-Profit Organizations

Cybersecurity is the foundation for NFPs

Not-for-Profit (NFP) organizations face a unique set of cybersecurity challenges. NFPs must account for a large and diverse group of stakeholders including donors, volunteers, clients, and staff, all of whom must be educated on cybersecurity best practices to avoid becoming the channel through which cyber-criminals attack the entire organization.

Cybersecurity for Your Website

With WordPress websites becoming more sophisticated, and the responsibility for managing the websites moving from webmasters to business owners, major cybersecurity issues have emerged.

Understanding the Ransomware Threat Landscape

Ransomware Threat Landscape

The proliferation of ransomware tools, the increased use and value of cryptocurrency, economic instability, and the overall increase in data (and value of data) are making ransomware attacks easier to commit and more profitable by the day.

Problems are inevitable, goals are not. Plan accordingly.

As we do our work, we will always encounter problems. As we do our work, we will always perform many tasks. As we do our work, we will not always achieve goals.  Throughout our business careers, problems will outnumber achieved goals. We need to keep that fact in perspective. If we expend too much energy anticipating [worrying about, […]